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The Essentials of Exterior Lighting

JAN. 26, 2021

Did you know that a well lit exterior can boost the curb appeal of your home? What is the difference between bullet and wash lighting? Get the answers to these and related questions via our quick video, below.


Transcript: I was out taking my daily walk, and this is a house I pass every day. Quite lovely, right? This photo doesn't show the scale but you can see the quality of the construction. Gorgeous stained wood on the face of the walls; neutral smooth stucco.

There was a team of people that really obsessed about the details on this house. What sparked the idea for this tip today is that I walked by at twilight — the lights were just coming on. Wow! This home is just even more beautiful at night.

"Great lighting doesn't happen by chance."

This didn't happen on accident. A fantastic architect and lighting designer were responsible. Here's the moral of the story: don't forget about or underestimate the importance of exceptional lighting design, especially at night.


Here are a few things you can do with landscape lighting to boost your curb appeal. Use bullet and wash lighting to showcase your home. Use flood and well lighting to add a lot of drama to the secondary elements like walls and tress. And garden and downlighting can subtly enhance your ground-level landscaping, as well as your pathways and steps.

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