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It Began In Flames

In 1993, my first dream home burned to the ground. There’s nearly nothing that will make you reevaluate your life more than losing all the things you hold close in less than 24 hours. My story is filled with fresh starts, new passions, and dozens of dream homes to match.


Kim Bauer has a storied career that spans three decades as a successful entrepreneur, real estate developer, interior designer, and homebuilder. 

She launched her career as founder and CEO of an award-winning marketing and branding firm with A-list, Fortune 500 clients in tech, healthcare, and homebuilding markets. Since then, she has worked as a principal investor and developer of award-winning luxury home communities, a golf course development, commercial properties, and dozens of luxury homes. Along the way, she has worked with institutional investors, successful entrepreneurs, billionaires, and professional athletes.

She is currently CEO of Bauer Design Group, a full-service interior & exterior design firm located in Beverly Hills, CA. The firm specializes in designing and building homes in the luxury residential market. Her extensive development and boots-on-the-ground construction experience pays off for clients in the form of stunning and "spot on" design solutions, efficient processes, and streamlined workflow. She is supported by a talented team of experienced professionals who consistently deliver outstanding results.


Dream Build Academy is an extension of the firm's services that allows the team to reach a broader audience through digital content and courses. Now, anyone can learn how to simplify the home building or renovating process by watching her free masterclass, The Five Insider Strategies to Get From Bucket List to Built. In this webinar, Kim reveals five breakthrough strategies she has formulated and mastered through her three decades of experience. Sign up now by clicking the button.

"To me, design is all-encompassing, not just a single discipline. The process is a delicate dance between the analytical and creative, the logical and intuitive."

Online Course

Free Download: Five Insider Strategies to Get From Bucket List to Built

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Where I stand on some hot design debates.

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My Story

Over the years, I have worked with multiple interior designers for homes in Deer Valley, La Quinta, and Rancho Palos Verdes. Kim stands out as one of the top interior designers I have had the pleasure to work with. I originally contacted her for a second opinion on some materials selections for my home. During our first meeting she sketched out an option that I hadn't considered, but that I loved. I hired her to help me select surfaces and finishes for a major remodel of my entry way, kitchen, and great room, and to work with my contractor during the installation. I was extremely happy with the results.

Kim understands quality and helped me select materials that were commensurate with my home. She is very patient; one of her strengths is that she listens very carefully to her clients.  She is able to interpret what they want and bring that to life. She was also fantastic working with my contractor. She created construction drawings for the contractor that were concise and easy to interpret. She knows construction very well which is helpful in creating design solutions that can be built. During construction she was extremely responsive and available when critical decisions needed to be made in the field.

I have been delighted with her services, and on top of that, she is a pleasure to work with. I offer my highest recommendations.




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