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BDG Services

Design Consultation & Assessment

Needs analysis and scopes of work for major projects.

Recommendations based on overall budget constraints.

Space planning and optimization.

Site planning and optimization.

Floor plans,  furniture plans, lighting plans.

Programming consultation and documentation.

Development planning and design.

Model home design for residential developers.

Home design and construction coaching for individual homeowners.


Interior & Exterior Design

Comprehensive and cohesive interior, exterior, and landscape plan development.

Mood boards showing furniture, fixture, and equipment options.

Interior and exterior architectural detailing.

Full 3D visualizations (renderings and animations).

Custom furniture design, textile design, and lighting design.

Construction Documentation

All-inclusive materials specifications documents and Schedules of Value (SOV) for F,F&E. 

Interior and exterior elevations.

Supplemental plan sets detailing interior and exterior architectural features.

Project plan management and coordination. 

Budgeting, Bidding, & Procurement

Complete construction budgeting services using 48 division cost codes.

Sourcing and purchasing of all FF&E designated in scope of work.

White glove storage and delivery.

Project management, fabrication management, and logistics management of custom items.

Construction Management

Develop and apply project control systems related to SOV.

Prepare cash flow projections.

Establish communication protocols.

Conduct and document project coordination meetings.

Distribute monthly progress reports.

Maintain project documentation.

In-field construction management and quality control of items specified in contract.

Coordination of project schedule with General Contractor.


Installation Management & Project Closeout

Expedite substantial completion and final inspections.

Monitor correction of punch list items with GC and other suppliers.

Coordinate transfer of property operation to Owner.

Coordination and management of final installation of all furnishing, art, accessories, etc.

What to Expect of the Interior Design Process During a New Build or Major Remodel

Designing or remodeling a home is a roller coaster ride, chock-full of ups, downs, twists, and turns. You will experience highs from the prospect of moving into a home that is truly yours, defined by improved aesthetics, streamlined function, gorgeous materials, sumptuous furnishings, and artsy accessories. The lows stem from reality checks you will inevitably encounter and adjustments you will inevitably have to make to comply with permitting, construction timelines, and expenses. This is all part of the process. Throughout, your architect, contractor, and interior designer will work together as your advocates to execute your vision.


We get as excited as you do, and since we have been through the process many times already, we can help you prepare financially, logistically, and emotionally for the experience. It is helpful to understand the phases that your project will go through during the interior design process so you know what to expect and feel comfortable progressing.

How We Work


Preliminary Consultation

It is our standard practice to meet with you for a complimentary consultation to discuss the basics of your project and establish a general scope of work. If we have enough information to give you a bid for our services, we will. Otherwise, we will request a small retainer to move into the programming phase so we can collect the information we need.


Programming (Needs Analysis, Scopes of Work, and Preliminary Schedule / Budget)

Next, we will spend some time discussing your vision for your new space. On a smaller project, outlining goals may take just a single meeting, but on a larger project, we may need several sessions to really understand the scope. We will plan a site visit and arrange to meet with the architect and other consultants on your case so we can "talk shop" and explore the structural and logistical challenges (and opportunities) your project poses.

During this phase, we focus on things like style preferences, how you plan to use various spaces, how you entertain, and the number of people who will inhabit the space(s). We want to know how you live and relax so we can design spaces and incorporate materials that support and enhance your lifestyle.

We also want to know your long-term needs for the house and how those might impact future changes in the home. We will take an inventory of furniture, built-in details, and other items needed to round out your project. This helps us prepare a complete scope of work and budget for our services so we can move forward with the project.


Design Development - Materials (Hard Surfaces, FF&E)

Now that we have a better idea of project scope and direction, we commence with design and propose solutions. We start with a furnishing plan. Your architect may have included conceptual furnishing placement in their layout; we will adjust it to reflect actual pieces that specifically meet your requirements. It is during this phase that we select color palettes, material palettes, flooring, paint and other wall coverings, ceiling and window treatments, decorative lighting, cabinetry, countertops, built-in designs, and ancillary materials.

We also generate concepts for any pieces or features that might need to be custom made. This could range from staircase railings to entry gate details to custom lighting and furniture — the details that set your project apart. Even though we do not have a final budget set at this point, we build on our experience to suggest items that are commensurate with your project. 

During this phase, we may present you with photographs and/or actual material samples. We may hand sketch, create mood boards, or show you mid-resolution 3D conceptual renderings of your potential spaces.

We will meet with you to review what we have proposed, get your feedback on what you love and what still needs refinement, and adjust accordingly. 

If needed, we will refine our initial drawings or 3D renderings to get your approval and move to the next phase.


Design Development - Concepts (Elevations, Visualizations, and Renderings)

On larger projects that include major changes to interior and exterior spaces or new construction, our package will include high-resolution 3D renderings and animations forecasting the finished concepts. These always feature hardscape design in interior and exterior spaces, and usually feature furnishings, art, and accessories. These highly realistic renderings are often indiscernible from photography.

Our focus on renderings puts you in control. There is no more questioning or struggling to visualize finished outcomes — you will see it with your own eyes. 


Construction Documentation (Construction Plans, Specifications, and Schedules of Value)

In this phase, we buckle down and create a comprehensive package that specifies the construction details vendors and trades will need to create bids. We will also create a schedule of values with takeoffs for hard surfaces, lighting, appliances, etc. that allows either our firm or the general contractor to bid the items out.

This phase often feels a bit slow for the clients because we are working behind the scenes to pull everything together. We coordinate closely with the architect during this stage. Our key deliverable is a supplemental construction drawing set and SOV that will be used on the job site alongside the architectural plans. 


Procurement (Sourcing, Bidding and Purchasing Management)

We work diligently during the Programming and Design Development phases to select materials that fit within the preliminary budget for the project, but there are always adjustments to be made. It is the nature of construction and industry supply chains. Our construction drawings allow the contractor and suppliers to submit very tight bids for the project that will go into the final budget package.

Through this process, we will determine who will purchase and provide the materials. Certain items are better purchased through the contractor, while others can be more cost-effectively purchased through our trade relationships. 

With our purchase plans in place, we can narrow in on final project costs. We will help you review contractor bids to make sure everything has been covered, the pricing is fair, the terms are good. We will also provide purchase orders for everything that we plan to source through our firm. Doing this work up front enables us to stay on top of lead times and source and purchase everything in accordance with the project timeline.

And that is it! We are ready for construction. If there are items that need to be revisited because of project cost, supply chain, or timing issues, then we address it before demo begins. When all is set, we proceed to the next phase.


Construction Management (Supervision and Installation Management)

For our clients, this phase includes the rollercoaster’s steepest slopes and tightest turns. During construction, you will experience the highs of seeing everything come to life. But as we meet challenges, it sometimes feels as if you have taken a step backwards. This is expected as the little details are finessed and finished.

Feeling overwhelmed and full of anticipation during this phase is completely normal; we want you to ask questions and raise any concerns you have so we can address them. We visit our project sites frequently during this phase to make sure work is being completed in accordance with the plans.

Rest assured that soon, your vision will be realized.



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