So, You've
Decided to Build Your Dream Home

You’ve set out on a design/build venture — a quest to build an abode for your people. To you, it’s more than home; it’s homeostasis.


This creation is you in brick and mortar form. It’s a story that starts unfolding the minute you cross over the threshold. Knowing you’ve created this place with you and your family in mind allows you to exhale, completely.


But that’s not enough. If you’re here, you’re going for overachiever status. The bonus round. And why not? This is a legacy asset for your family, after all.

Free community. Paid courses.
Full-service interior and exterior design.

Embarking on a custom home build or major renovation can be a daunting and overwhelming process.   We're here to help you at any level of involvement, whether you're simply looking for free tips that will embolden you to finish your project; seeking specific training through our masterclasses, webinars, and coaching; or hoping to hand over the reins on your project entirely. These are our three most common client profiles. Which do you fit?

don draper.jpeg

"Call me when it's done.
I'll see you at the Clios."


"Call me when it's done. I'll see you at the Clios."

"I'll see you at the Clios."
oprah winfrey.jpeg


"You've got this. Let me show you how it's done."
"Let's get to the finish line."

"You've got this, girlfriend. Let me show you how it's done."

"I did it my way."


"I did it my way."
"I did it my way."

Planning for a major renovation or building from the ground up?

You'll want to add The Definitive Guide to the Top 10 Architecture & Design Trends for the Next Decade to your tool kit immediately. Download this free and essential resource by clicking on the button.


Bauer Design Group

For the Don Drapers.

Prefer a hands-off approach? Perhaps you have a career to tend to or family obligations that make the idea of directing a design/build impossible. Fear not: Bauer Design Group is, first and foremost, a full-service design studio. Comprehensive interior and exterior design; end-to-end construction management; custom textile, furniture, and fixture manufacturing — you name it. We've got the skills, experience, and network to make it happen.

Dream Build Academy:
Courses & Private Coaching

For the Oprah Winfreys.

If you've taken it upon yourself to design and build your dream home, you're likely an overachiever of some sort. On a project this important, it is natural to feel lost, overwhelmed, and desperate to do things rightEnter Dream Build Academy, an educational hub packed with resources that will get you through the home-building process unscathed, penned by people who build homes for a living. Whether you're looking for a high-level guide or in-depth lessons about design, budgeting, and project sequencing, we've got you covered. All of the perks of bespoke project management, without the hefty price tag.

Ask an Expert

Dream Build Academy: Free Tips, Tools, & Trade Secrets

For the Frank Sinatras.

Hello, self-starter! Let us guess, you learn best by doing? You have a clear vision of what you want and you’re on your way to making your dream home a reality, but maybe you’ve hit a few roadblocks that have left you stumped. Our goal for our free content is to help you around these roadblocks with tips that are accessible, relevant, and revelatory. If you’re still struggling, come join the Oprahs for a webinar or two. In the meantime, check out our blog and follow us on social media for fresh content. Let us know what you’re hoping to learn more about by commenting on posts or DM-ing us and maybe it’ll pop up in our library.


Kim is a true professional. Her product is beautiful. Her communication with customers and contractors is clear and concise (which means you will get what she has designed) and she offers visual tools most designers don't offer (animation videos to accompany her renderings). I referred her to clients that were very happy with her and are using her on other projects. What more can you ask for?


Gold Liquid

hi there,

I'm Kim, lead designer at Bauer Design Group and brain behind Dream Build Academy.

Spend several decades in any business and you'll be dealt your fair share of triumphs and disasters. Designing and building homes is a tricky business; a surprisingly emotional one, too, when that home is your own. I've learned my lessons the hard way so that my clients don't have to. What's next on our list to tackle?



Ready to Make Your Dream Home A Reality?

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